Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Doing Math the Routty Way: Engaging Activities from A to Z (Day 2)

Circuit- This is a great independent practice activity to complete after teaching a skill. A circuit is a self-checking activity that students can complete individually or with a partner. It is called a circuit because students begin at a starting card, work through the entire set of problems, and end where they started. Here's how it works: 1. Students begin at one card, answer the problem, and determine the answer. 2. The answer leads them to their next card and the process continues. 3. The student’s final card should lead him/her back to the original card if the students completed the problems correctly. 

The illustration below is a circuit from an upcoming pack that I created for the order of operations. It should be available early next week at my Teachers Pay Teachers Store or using the "Products" link at the top of this page.