Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Doing Math the Routty Way: Engaging Activities from A to Z (Day 8)

I Have, Who Has?- If you are not familiar with this activity, it is a class activity where one student starts the process and, in turn, each student answers a question and then asks a new question until the person who asked the first question answers the last one. It’s one big loop!

My favorite set is a set I found at a math conference that had four problems on one card. That gave me four chances to use the same set of cards. The operations on the cards were basic, but that gave me the opportunity to use it several times throughout the year. I even used it as a transition to another activity or as a brain break between subjects. The students absolutely loved the activity and would ask for it often. When I challenged them to see how fast they could complete the loop, it became even more popular!

Since my students loved the activity so much, I started including it on their math menus. Student-created card sets are usually challenging and can be designed for many different skills. It also makes for a great fast finisher activity.

Want to get started now? Check out my “I Have, Who Has: Monster Operations” card set at my Teachers Pay Teachers Store. It includes four multi-step problems on each card. See the preview below. 

I also included a picture of a set of student-created cards as an example for you. See the photo below. Enjoy!