Friday, July 31, 2015

I Challenge You: Turn Your Beliefs Into Actions Blog Hop

Recently, Whitney Alexanderson from With Love From Whitney posted a challenge for all of us teachers. After attending a church service where her pastor preached about knowing what you believe in, she challenged the teacher-blogger community to really think about what we believed in as educators and to create a blog post declaring those beliefs. 

When I first saw this challenge, I thought, "Well that's easy." But it wasn't as easy of a task as I first thought. While I know what I believe in, putting it on paper makes me feel so accountable. If I write it, I have to live it! And I have to be open to other people's criticism about what I say and how I act. So, here I am. These are my words. These are my beliefs and they will become my mantra for this school year. 

While I'm not in a classroom of my own, I will encourage the first and second year teachers that I mentor, as well as, the staff as a whole to rise to this challenge and provide the kind of education that all kids deserve. 

What are your beliefs? Please share them in the comment section below. 

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  1. Thank you for sharing your beliefs! I could agree with you more about students deserving a teacher who believes in them and challenges them! It is our job to help them reach their goals and to succeed in the classroom. I love your feelings that math should be just as important as reading! It's true, we use math in the real world daily so we need to make sure our students have a strong math foundation!

    Neat Sweet & Hard to Beat

  2. I love your comment about challenging them.

  3. First of all... I LOVE your blog header! So stinking cute! Second of all.. I agree with you completely about a solid educational foundation. Just this evening, I was writing my welcome letter to parents and this was my focus. It's only my second year in kindergarten so I was a little unsure if I was on the right track. I taught pre-k for 12 years and would tell parents the foundation that this was the year the foundation was laid for their social habits..the year they learned to follow rules and to follow a school day schedule. Now in kindergarten I'm telling my parents this is the year their core skills are getting developed. It was nice to read from an experienced educator and mentor teacher that you thought the same. Thanks for encouraging me through your blog. God has a great way of sending words of wisdom right when you need them...huh? ;)

    1. Thanks for the compliments! So glad you found the post helpful! Best wishes to you for a great school year Lauren!