Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Transformation Tuesday: Math Picture Books to Love- The Hershey's Fractions Book

The Hershey's Fractions Book by Jerry Pallotta

Target Skill(s): Introduction to Fractions

Book Synopsis: The candy-filled pages use the Hershey's candy bar to model fractional amounts. Each page highlights a different fraction and provides some additional information about Hershey's candy, reinforces important fraction terms, and introduces fraction addition, subtraction, and division.

Math Involved: This book introduces fractions and is a springboard for other fraction skills.

Questions to Ponder:
1. What is a fraction?
2. What is a numerator?
3. What is a denominator?
4. What are equivalent fractions?
5. How do you simplify a fraction to its lowest terms?
6. What is an improper fraction?
7. What do we call a whole number paired with a fraction?

Activity Ideas:
a. Use the book to introduce the idea of using a same-size whole and equal parts when comparing or computing with fractions.
b. Introduce equivalent fractions. Students will notice that one-third is equal to two-sixths, and four-twelfths. 
c. Review important vocabulary. The book uses a variety of terms when discussing the fractional parts that can be illustrated by a Hershey's candy bar. 
o   d. Model fraction addition and subtraction. When combined with the equivalent fractions activity above, the book makes a great springboard for developing fraction addition and subtraction skills. 

Book Link on Amazon: http://bit.ly/HersheysFractionsBook


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