Thursday, February 12, 2015

Math Picture Books to Love: Cut Down to Size at High Noon

Cut Down to Size at High Noon  by Scott Sundby

  • Target Skill(s): Scaling, Scale Factor, Proportions, Enlargements, Reductions
  • Book Synopsis: Louie Cutorze is the only haircutter in the town of Cowlick.His unusual creations are the pride and joy of the  town. Louie uses scale drawings to create a smaller version of a life-size object and then sculpts his artwork onto someone's head. One day, a new hair-cutter, Buzzsaw Bart, rolls into town determined to set-up his own shop. Louie refuses the notion, so Buzzsaw challenged him to a duel. With a large crowded looming, they both snip and cut until they were ready to reveal their creations. Louie scales down a large object and Buzzsaw scales up a small object. After acknowledging each other's talents, the two men combine their artistic talents for a whole new type of haircut.  
  • Math Involved: The hair-cutters in the story use multiplication to "scale  up" small objects and division to "scale down" large objects. The story also includes a detailed example of each hair-cutter's plan.
  • Questions to Ponder: 
    • What method did Louie Cutorze use to create his drawings? 
    • What method did Buzzsaw Bart use to create his drawings?
    • What do call something after it has been "scaled up"?
    • What do we call something after it has been "scaled down"?
    • Louie and Buzzsaw were using ratios to create their haircuts. What do we call two equal ratios?
  • Activity Ideas: 
    • Have students create a diagram of an object using Louie or Buzzsaw's method?
    • Have students create their own method for "scaling up" or "scaling down" an object?
    • Provide students with the actual measurements for an object as well as the new measurements. Have students find the scale factor. 
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