Monday, September 7, 2015

Looking for a Unique Mathematical Experience?

Hello Routty Math Teacher Community!

My post today is about a cool Twitter experience. Ever heard of a Twitter chat before? Well it was certainly new to me until a few weeks back. I mentioned before that Twitter was a place that I thought I did not want to be. I didn't understand its purpose and I did not know how to communicate using it. But, oh my, after being coerced encouraged to join as a way to add value to my Math Rocks experience, I have found it to be my new favorite thing. The best part-- Twitter chats. The name is misleading because it isn't an actual voice chat at all; it is a bunch of people around the world collaborating and tweeting together. I've participated in three chats now, two math chats and one chat for bloggers. The math chat (#ElemMathChat) was amazing! One person moderates the whole experience and we tweet responses to questions posed by the moderator while connecting with other people in the "chat."

My favorite chat was one about math journals-- something that you know I'm all about if you've been reading this blog for a while. It was great to hear what other people though about journals and how they might be different from interactive notebooks (some people use the terms interchangeably). We discussed how to use them, how to set them up, what to include, how to grade them, and how to keep them organized. I know how I used them, but it was great to get another perspective. It was super cool and a great way to connect with other math people like myself. While it may seem intimidating at first, the entry point is low. You can watch the comments and the discussion but don't have to engage if you're not comfortable. Just observe the wonder!

Join the conversation-- Thursdays, 8 pm CT.


  1. I love your description of the chat! It is pretty amazing that we can connect with teachers all over!

  2. Thank you! You should join us sometime. We love to see more teachers in the chat.