Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Transformation Tuesday: Assessment Strategies- Exit Tickets with Understanding

Today's assessment strategy is a kicked-up version of the exit ticket strategy called Exit Tickets with Understanding*. You may be familiar with traditional exit tickets where students complete a problem or write about a skill or concept on a small slip of paper at the end of class. The kicked-up version of this uses the same concept except that students write about their understanding of the lesson objectives. This allows the teacher an opportunity to get a glimpse of where each student is in their thinking about and development of the objectives of a targeted concept or skill.
Here's how it works: 

1. Post the lesson objectives in specific, kid-friendly language. (See the picture above.)

2. Give each student a small slip of paper. Note: I always collect extra copies, unused activity pages and handouts, or papers from the school in a container by the front door. Students are encouraged to use this paper as scrap paper to show work or for drawing. This paper collection is a great way to recycle paper. Just cut it into half-page pieces for the exit tickets. 

3. Students choose an objective, or one suggested by you, and provide evidence of their understanding. For example, ask students to share their thoughts in pictures, words, or numbers. (See the picture below.) 

4. Collect the students' responses. Sort the student responses based on levels of student understanding. Use the feedback to determine the next steps of instruction. 

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* Adapted from Lead4ward


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