Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Transformation Tuesday: Cooperative Learning- Question Me

Today's cooperative learning activity is a general strategy that can be used to get all students involved in content-specific conversations. Often times, complete participation is a limiting factor of cooperative learning experiences. The "Question Me" strategy gives each student a role and can be used with any concept or skill. 

Here's how it works: 

1. Create teams of four. Assign each team member a number (1 – 4).
2. Give each team a set of questions.
3. Direct students to complete the assigned tasks below:
a. Student #1 shuffles the cards and organizes them on the table. Student #1 then asks Student #2 to choose a card.
b. Student #2 chooses a card and reads the question aloud.

c. Student #3 answers the question with a few moments of think time if needed.
d. Student #4 agrees or disagrees with Student #3’s answer and provides support for their opinion. (Teams should resolve any differences in opinion at this time.)
e. Student #1 praises Student #3 and #4 for their responses with one positive comment.
4. Students rotate roles.
a. Student #1 becomes Student #2.b. Student #2 becomes Student #3.c. Student #3 becomes Student #4.d. Student #4 becomes Student #1.
5. Students repeat steps 3 and 4 until all questions have been answered.
See the example below for a more detailed explanation. 

The question modeled below is part of a lesson on comparing fractions using the missing piece strategy. The question is "Which fraction's missing piece is half the size of a fourth? Explain your answer." Students then use a graphic of several fractions that are each one-piece away from being one whole to support their responses. (CCSSM 4.NF.A.2)

Sound Off! How might you use this strategy in your classroom? 


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