Thursday, March 10, 2016

Thursday Tool School: iPad Apps for Kids- Zoom by Motion Math

Title: Zoom by Motion Math

Description: Zoom is a fun and interactive app that gives students the opportunity to explore the number line. Beginning with simple whole numbers, student progress to numbers 1 - 1,000, negative numbers, and decimals. In addition, as the numbers change in magnitude, the animals representing the numbers change too. For example, basic counting numbers are represented with frogs, but the thousands are represented with dinosaurs. In the same way, the decimals are represented with hornets, ants, and amoebas. 

Advantages: The best aspect of this game is the zooming feature. With it, students really get to "see" how our number system works. The "zoom" part refers to the students' ability to zoom into a range, such as 10 - 20 in order to place the number 19 on the number line. This helps students "see" that even when numbers are not represented on a number line, they are still there between the anchor values. Students can "zoom" out or "zoom" in making the number line very interactive and engaging.

Disadvantages: The only real disadvantage I can see is that students progress through the number lines based on what they are able to successfully complete. Therefore, an older student who has experience with smaller numbers would have to complete all of the whole number focused number lines in order to get to the negative numbers or decimals. On the other hand, a younger student may not get to use the app much before reaching frustration; however, this situation provides a great opportunity for further exploration. 

This is the view students see when they begin with the tens number line. It is at Level 2. 

This is the view students see when they begin with the hundredths number line. It is at Level 15. 

Cost: While there appears to be a free "Lite" version that is available or was available at some time, for full access, the cost is $2.99.

Check out the app here!


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