Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Transformation Tuesday: Rock Star Reviews- The Amazing Review

Today's Rock Star Review is my absolute favorite and the ultimate station rotation! (Check out my Getting Started with Math Stations series here.) This review strategy is called The Amazing Review: The 5th Grade Edition. It's an 18-station review of the 5th grade content and skills patterned after the idea behind CBS's Amazing Race. The pictures below illustrate the information that I shared with the two-student teams before the start of the review. Enjoy!

The roadblocks were computer activities from IXL Math. Students left their trail, completed the activity from IXL Math, and received a stamp when the point total had been obtained. 

The detour activity was to walk the massive coordinate plane that I constructed in the hallway. One team member read the directions and the other person walked the path. If the team ended on the right spot, they earned a stamp!

The travelors' log included all station directions, as well as, a few practice assessment items that corresponded with each skill. This allowed the students to connect the station activity to the assessment questions. 

The menu activity included additional review activities that were not included in the stations. Not all of the students had the opportunity to complete the menu. It was designed for the fast finishers. 

Sound Off!- How do you review for big assessments? 


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