Monday, January 18, 2016

Math Matters Monday

Math Matters Monday is my new bi-weekly series to highlight some of the products I offer at my Teachers Pay Teachers Store in order to provide you with standards-based products that support the effective teaching and learning of mathematics. The best news-- each product that is featured will be discounted in my store until midnight (CST) on Wednesday of the featured week. 

This week I am featuring my newest product-- TEKSas STAAR Masters: Numerical Representations and Relationships for Grade 5 (Reporting Category 1).

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TEKas STAAR Masters is designed to support your students’ mastery of the new STAAR eligible Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) through interactive notebook activities, cooperative learning, and assessment tools. The included learning materials can be used for review and/or intervention. In accordance with the new state assessment standards, the mathematical process standards are embedded throughout the learning materials to enhance the effectiveness of the tools. The learning activities may be used to support student learning of specific content in a whole class, small group, or intervention setting.

The skills in this pack are based on the TEKS for Reporting Category 1: Numerical Representations and Relationships. Each skill includes an interactive notebook activity with a communication through writing task, cooperative learning activity, and five-question formative assessment.

The TEKS included in this pack are listed below: 

* 5.2 A- Represent the value of the digit in decimals through the thousandths using expanded notation and numerals (Supporting Standard)

* 5.2 B- Compare and order two decimals to thousandths and represent comparisons using the symbols >, <, or = (Readiness Standard)

* 5.2 C- Round decimals to tenths or hundredths (Supporting Standard)

* 5.4 A- Identify prime and composite numbers (Supporting Standard)

* 5.4 E- Describe the meaning of parentheses and brackets in a numeric expression (Supporting Standard)

* 5.4 F- Simplify numerical expressions that do not involve exponents, including up to two levels of grouping (Readiness Standard)

Through Wednesday, you can grab your pack for $10! After Wednesday at midnight CST, the product will be $12.50. Read more about the product and pick-up your copy here

Need a little more convincing?? Pick-up a free sample of this pack here. It's an example of a complete lesson, including an interactive notebook activity, "Sum it Up" writing task, cooperative learning activity, and five-question formative assessment. 

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Click the product cover to see it in my store!


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